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Number of death of accident of gas canister explosion rises India to 90 people

Official of department of Indian med

ical treatment says 12 days, happened in India that day the dead number that accident of explosion of of city gas canister causes Qiabuwa already rose central state to 90 people.

State is presidin覆膜板g in the center of India horse of chairman缝纫模板BP doctor summer expresses to local media, had confirmed 90 people die, about a hundred person is injured, and casualt湖南建筑模板公司y number may continue to rise, the rescuer still searchs likely survivor in building remains.

Police says, show to the findings of explosive accident reason at present, the house-owner of two buildin供应建筑模板KOgs that produce explosion stores illegally inside t建筑模板价钱AMhe building many firecracker gunpowder, place gas canister and gunpowder together. The appearance room of this building is a cheap restaurant, the gas canister of the restaurant causes fire after explosion, cause cause of this be related.

Look from TV appearance, raze to the ground of explosive general building, all round a lot of constructions are damaged badly also. Because the building is located in the crossing with a concentrated personnel, a建筑森模板规格尺寸nd the restaurant is doing business, casualties of the member that build an adult is serious.

Local government already asked to have thorough investigation to the accident, to cause tro工地常用的模板叫什么KJuble per建筑模板模板价格BTson in

vestigate criminal duty, the person that mix to the dead’s family member provides pension.


an city often produces gas canister explosion and building collapse accident. Devoid safety is supervised and临沂百汇木业有限公司销售 be considered as to cause the main reason of this kind of accident without safe notion.

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