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This lustre horse extortionate case is arrested or be sentenced 5 years to imprison because of kinescope of experience sexual love (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian this lustre horse be extortionate case is arrested or sentenced 5 years to imprison because of kinescope of experience sexual love (graph) or

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Beijing time on November 4 afternoon, according to Afp report, benzema regards emperor horse forward as sexual video tape the experience case personnel of extortionate case is detained by police. Go up 13 days month, on the west the 4 people such as a place of strategic importance are suspected of using sexual video tape with respect to Ceng Yin base of extortionate France nation Waerbuaina and by arrest. It is reported, a place of strategic importance 鹏林木业有限公司is not crucial person on the west, be arrested this became Benzema!

Check scheme

Last month, french media exposes to the sun the France建筑项目模板KP before going abroad the foot fills in on the west in collusion with is other 3 people use sexual kinescope 专业建筑模板厂家extortio建筑模板价格表BDnate Waerbuaina. But classics France check just is investigated, this before Liverpudlian forward did not share th

is extortionate record. But final, extortionate accusation fills in not to hold water to be released on the west, whether is knowing to suffer this effect, fill in on the west before long hind tearful announce to retire.

Think this has sexual video tape originally extortionate case at this point disappear forever, but did not think of to there is new turn again nowadays, afp report says, local time this morning at 9 o’clock, benzema is arrested by police, reason is to be suspected of using sexual video tape extortionate Waerbuaina. At present police has not leaked more and follow-up incident and pertinent information. In if Benzema is confirmed to participate in crime,acting, he imprisons the lowest that be sentenced 5 years.

Actually, this lustre horse associate with has the criminal record of this respect, it is early 5 years

ago, benzema with respect to be involved in door of prostitute of a call together, a hooter tells to investigate personnel, became her 2008 or 16 years old when, she and Benzema produced sexual relationship. According to French law, 18建筑模板生产基地BI years old belong to minor below, have sex with minor hooter belong to criminality. For this, benzema is committed a crime sluggish is emp四川建筑模板公司ty, and by the court for many times summon for trial. But final, this case ends up with nothing definite.

In addition,找建筑织木模板AG benzema often stpvc 建筑模板 工厂AMill enters media head because of overspeed problem, last month 29 days, benzema drives go looking for a friend to have a meal, but the police that undertakes routine executes the law discovers Benzema is belonged to currently without according to drive. Although French sharp edge bully showed him lawyer to be dealt with in French home subsequently temporarily driver’s license, but police thinks Benzema’s driver’s license does not have legal effectiveness, accordingly lawfully the car Benzema is sequestered, this year May, benzema because drive,overspeed is fin五颗松木业有限公司ed 18000 euro, at the same time revoke driver’s license 8 months.

(original title: This lustre horse because kinescope of 武汉建筑模板公司experience sexual love is extortionate be arrested or be sentenced 5 years to imprison)

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