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Does young woman lean crisis of Russian defect economy does acting pregnant earn money: ? ?0 of bad ナ Zhan 10 thousand

The intermediary outside the report will weigh reference news net on October 15, because ruble exchange rate drops urgently, in Russia each district, more and more young women are bre建筑模板的厂建筑木方生产厂家BF家ad place approach, the choice fills contemporary pregnant mother. According to be engaged in the clinic of acting pregnant industry and intermediary orgnaization statistic, its amount already grew 50% .

According to Russia ” Izvestia ” the website will 新型剪力墙模板支撑KRreport on October 14, sociologist expresses, because Russian economy is deep-set,this basically is the crisis, 找建筑织木模板AGlose young woman of the jo祥石木业有限公司b, the hope lives with this kind of means come down. Meanwhile, come from

the demand outside the condition to rise quickly also. Press at present exch河北建筑模板公司ange rate, acting pregnant mother is so

ught in Russia than petty gain wants in other country too much.

The report says, be in Russia, of acting pregnant collect fees from 80-100 10 thousand ruble differ (1 RMB adds up to 9.8 ruble about) . According to Russian law, the age of acting pregnant mother needs to be in 20-34 year old between, and had borne a healthy child at least.

Company of acting pregnant baby all has business in Jialininggele and Sanket. Since the beginning of the year, seek the woman in an endless stream that comes to ask to fill contemporary pregnant mother automatically. Meanwhile, the order of the client outside the condition is thick as hail also, be in the majority with Germany especially.

The report says, the Si Bada of orgnaization of another acting pregnant in Moscow, also appeared similar supply and demand two flourishing picture.


Peiteluowa comes from Nadaliya Xiekajielinbao. She tells a reporter, the choice fills fact of contemporary pregnant mother to belong to but: This is quite hard decision. What I considered half an year is long. Current, I raise daughter of 6 years old alone. I had opened nu山东大州建筑模板有限公司rsery school, but fail to had held out economic crisis, after losin工程报价模板BDg income sou建筑模板帮价格KUrce, cannot find the job all the time, the child’s father rejects to pay allowance again, still the room is borrowed want to return. If do acting pregnant mother, inc

ome should be gotten high than other job much. I had understood experience to mom of other generation pregnant, plus have legal safeguard, overall for be safety. However, acting pregnant complex, not only October of need be pregnant, still must inject before this hormone, accept insemination of body alien labour, and may not can succeed.

She discloses, a few already had look for her to coming from Sanket and Muscovite couple at present. But because fall ill suddenly at that time, refused so, I do not want to cheat others, important is money not merely, still need to maintain good relationship with contracted parents.

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