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The accident already caused collapse of Brazilian happening dam 12 people are dead 45 people are missing

Report will occupy xinhua net Riode Janeiro on November 5 Brazilian media coverage, brazilian southe山东森鹏木业有限公司ast ministry the city produces Minasijilasi one case 5 days afternoon dam cave in acci

dent, local labor organization reckons the accident alrea

dy caused death of about 15 people, 45 people to be missing.

Brazil海子木业ian annulus net reports, minasijilasi the city模板有什么品牌AN is mid a dam near Maliyana produces the city cave in

accide木工模板EDnt, the flood that comes down to have diarrhoea causes local numerous building to be wided. At present local government has not release the personal casualty situation that the accident crea山东省烨鲁木业有限公司tes, but according to Maliyana labour union of city mining industry estimates, already had death of about 15 people, additionally about 45 people are missing.

The branch has started aid of close emergency treatment related Maliyana, wear dweller of seat of hand genera装配式建筑设备模具l accident is scattered to rel模板报价单BJief taller drawing near area.

Produce a collapse the dam of the accident is Brazilian Sa Ma Ke the company is all, this company already published bulletin to affirm this has an东莞建筑模板公司 accident.

(Original title: Accident labor organization calls cave in of Brazilian happ重庆建筑模板公司ening dam 15 pe买建筑模板ople die, 45 people are missing)

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