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Car explosion accident produces 3 cases appraise 15 dead injury of 100 much people

According to Russia news network will report o山东大发建筑模板有限公司n December 11 now, the Tell Tamer town that Hasaike visits Syria produced accident of car bomb explosion 3 cases, cause 15 people death at present, more than 100 people are injured.

Explosion assaulted square of the field hospital of the unit of commando of library Er heart around and bazaar of congested Souk Al Jumla, two ground make the hair uncultivated land of most death. The most person that gets an effect is the people, but the self-defensive team member that includes person of heart of Er of a few libraries, Assyria person among them.

It is reported, car is replete many dynamite, explosion caused serious destruction to the building around and infrastructure. S工程木模板till claim to be in

charge of to assaulting incident without any organizations.

The report still introduces, this town basically is living Arab and person of l建筑模板价格一览表ibrary Er 覆膜板尺寸AGheart, Assyria person, also be Assyria Christian community at the same time. In a few months in the past, had become the target that numerous and horrible润茂轩木业有限公司 attack and IS inbreak.

According to TASS report, IS armed element saved a town to undertake a series of deadly horror make a surprise attack in Hasaike, cause 39 people death, 100 much people are injured. Terrorist with commando of library 江苏模板批发Er heart and take over the reins of government upon coming age headquarters of government office army is a target, but major victim is civilian.

Terrorist once still h

ijacked the Christian hostage of 200 place, also destroyed 5 church of local at the same time. The Hasaike near about 600 kilometers visits the town工程覆膜板 of provincial capital Damascu工程报价模板BDs that this brings about major dweller to escape to the distance to should be saved. Armed force of Kuerde and place joins Syrian army temporarily, remove the holy battle member of this area.

According to U.N. statistic, syrian conflict already 工地模板施工KHdivested the life of more than 250 thousand person. Humanitarian crisis has made exceed become destitute and homeless of 6.5 million Syrian, 4.3 million person is forced to escape this country, country of in the vicinity of and Europe are sought take refugee. (Reporter Chu


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