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Papal wishing Chinese people Happy New Year weighs China is great nation

According to network of Russia satellite news on Feburary 3 message, papal Zhou Yi is accepting Hong Kong ” Asian times ” when interviewing, say, when New Year comes, I think to Chinese state chairman Xi Jinping and Chinese people conveyNMSS-建筑模板9.3EK me the best wish. Roman popery pope published sectional Zhou Er to had released the text version of this speech.

The report s盛大华宇木业有限公司ays, francisco expresses pope, the history that ho工程模板pes Chinese people loses him to serv模板批发建筑e as the great nation that having绿地建筑模板KJ great wisdom history anything but makes in

tention know, chinese people 工程报价模板BDcan make a lot of contribu

tion for the world.

Pope emphasizes, china is a gre昆明建筑模板公司at nation all the time me to, but main is take not the never-failing wisdom that exhau

st uses. He points out, china let建筑模板厂家价格RJs him feel from childhood times respect and admire. [round-the-world net repo龙鼎木业有限公司rts integratedly]

(original title: Papal wishing Chinese people t高档建筑模板产业发展he traditional Chinese calendar Happy New Year weighs China is great nation)

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