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France announces the several people such as Gu Laer of new government list to suffer fraud case to affect no longer hold the post

Paris of China News Service on June 21 report (reporter Long Jianwu) after

mark dragon takes office工程工程水利模板建筑模板价格 as French president new list of a government 21 sunrise furnace. Obtain greatly in parliamentary vote in view of mark dragon a group of people of same interest get the better of completely, cabinet recombines is technical only originally program. But because count a member of the cabinet,be investigated by judicatory of be involved in, the adjustment of new go常用建筑模板vernment exte廊坊建筑模板公司nt is more than finally anticipate.

According to this明盛木业有限公司 media coverage, yalikexikele announces secretary-general of French president government office 21 days new list of a government. Premier Edward Philip is obtained namely after parliamentary vote appoint af板帮木业有限公司resh, interior minister Jielaerkelong, Foreign Minister lets – Lyons, econom

宏民木业有限公司y Ministry of finance grows Yifulede Bulunuolemeier.

Be affected by door of European parliament empty pay, the 3 governments minister of the party of movement of political ally democracy that comes from mark dragon is in assume office only the no longer hold the post after a month. They are respectively before attorney general Fulangsuowabeilu, before Desaerneici of minister of general affairs of the European Union before Xierweigulaer mixes the defense minister. This party retained two minor position only inside the government.

To fill afore-mentioned vacant, state secretary nots before defense minister of Luolunsipaerli replace, bei Lubei of Er of Ni of constitution committee committee member stalking or branch receives palm judiciary, lu of Li of graceful tower of prexy of French state administration covers with tiles all alone takes up the post of minister of European Union general affairs.

Lichadefeilangyin of land program minister is suspected of before undeserved purchase house property and suffer judicatory to investigate a worry. He will turn after leaving a government a chairman of political parties and other organizations of advancem建筑基础工程施工AVent of national parliament r胶印机平面模板的制作epublic. Originally the elegant Ke Mei of Ministry of Agriculture of in co建筑模板的价格AQntrol of plunges into minister of program of land of Er change to another post. Member of former Socialist Party succession Ministry of Agriculture grows Sitefannatelaweier.

Law intermediary report says, france is new a government shares 30 members, among them 15 males, 15 females, bisexual scale is completely equal. In addition, there are 17 people in 30 member of the cabinet gove

rnment service never is held the position of before this.

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