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Telpher Jing fetch: The girl falls from telpher fall object before the ground lucky by catching

In report will occupy new network on June 26 the company reports in the center of Ta广西十大建筑模板iwan, city of American new York produced headroom one case to fall a few days ago accident, a girl is in 24 days late this city is northern when amuse oneself of an amusement park, fall from the dormant telpher that is as high as 8 meters carelessly, drop in the crowd in telpher lower part, place favour is in object before the ground by catching, did not suffer serious injury.

Hua Lunjun of new York city (Warren) superintendent office says, this comes from Delawa the girl of the city i

s se建筑工地模板作用nt 建筑工地模板作用KAcenter of medical treatment of abstr简易施工方案模板AMuse Er Barney (cure of Albany Medical Center) , 建筑组合模板BOthe circumstance is at present stable, did not suffe清水模板尺寸r serious injury.

It is reported, incident falls to 建筑模板去哪里买KWhappen in Eden of 6 banners theme outside this conceive a design (the telpher of Six Flags Amusement Park) (on Sky Ride) ; Th永胜木业有限公司is them正乔木业有限公司e Eden in new York city Aoerbani with n宝康木业有限公司orth 55 m

iles (88.51 kilometers) place.

Authorities says, this girl throws next railroad car, fall before the crowd is medium, ceng Ka is on the tree.

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