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Venezuela holds 9 people prang rescues the job to undertaking

Local time on July 4, a s

mall-施工模板支撑BRsized plane that holds 9 people is in the crash in leaving way of island of tower of pr模板工程ofit of division of Ma of Venezuela travel ground, whether does Shang Buqing Hunan still have survivor. Interior minister represents this state this plane controlle大岭山那有买模板WDd a report to cross mechanical failure 1:45 aftern山东裕林木业有限公司oon local time, e

ver tried to return the a品牌建筑模板irport, be in finally in the cr一鸣木业有限公司ash when c建议木业有限公司rash-land Caribbean regi中建新型模板研AMon. Di生产加工单模板AFd not seize the opportunity certainly at present person list, but according沂源长兴木业 to author

itative information, there are staff of 7 factitious units or government sector staff member in 9 people, at least 100 people are undertaking crashing this rescueing the job. (CCTV reporter Zhao Yijun)

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